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"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  -- Abraham Lincoln

Spoken over 150 years ago, this famous quote still rings true today and eloquently captures our mission at Baker Schilling Smith Wealth Strategies: helping you create your ideal tomorrow, today. Each individual situation is unique, and designing your ideal future requires a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, team work, close collaboration with trusted advisors, and knowledge of an ever-changing, complex legislative and economic environment.

When it comes to navigating the financial landscape, experience is the best teacher, and with our nearly 40 years of combined experience helping clients achieve financial independence, we're confident we can help you:

  • Easily organize your cash-flow so that you are maximizing every dollar earned and spent.
  • Take care of the little things advisors miss that can turn into BIG problems down the road for your family. Our expertise involves reading and decipering the 'fine print' to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  
  • Design and implement a risk management strategy to protect all you've worked so hard to attain in case of an unexpected catastrophe.
  • Monitor all of your accounts in one place.  Track your investments, goals and progress in real-time via your own Personal Financial Website.  Develop a holistic view of your financial life by creating and monitoring your personal income, cash-flow statements and balance sheet, alleviating stress so you can focus on your career, family, and hobbies.
  • Make sense of the overwhelming amount of conflicting information in the financial news media. Who needs more information? There's plenty of information out there in magazines, TV, and the internet. People work with us because they want wisdom, a game plan and actionable ideas from advisors they can trust with a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest.  

We realize that everyone talks about trust, however we believe that it's even more important to we work everyday to continue to earn your trust.  If our philosophy resonates with you, give us a call! 

Planning your financial future is often placed on the "back-burner". However, you must plan for the future today, because the future will become the present, whether you plan for it or not.

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